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….so guess what? That’s exactly what we did.

But let’s be real… reels can be HARD. It’s a whole beast in and of itself within Instagram. Heck, you have to know things like: filming, editing inside the Instagram app, editing outside the app, keeping up with trends, transitions, hooks, content conceptualizing, keeping people’s attention, cover photos, AHHH HELP!! Yeahhh…. We could spend an entire course in and of itself just covering the strategies and secrets behind Reels.

Ahhh, that all-powerful, viral-inducing Instagram feature: Reels

Now, Let’s Talk About Reels for a Second…

A Reels specific intensive mini course that walks you through step by step, tried and true strategies and technical how-to tutorials showing you how to harness the unparalleled power of reels.

That's why we created the reels minor

figuring out reels making you feel bonkers?

1. 12 Reel Cover Photo Templates
2. Reel Trending Audio Cheat Sheet
3. 50 Reels Ideas PDF


Season 03, the final season of The Reels Minor, gives you exclusive bonuses to uplevel your Reels. From customizable Canva cover photo graphic templates, to a bonus PDF of top trending Reels music and sounds, to our jam packed bonus PDF giving you over 50 Reel Ideas you can get started on TODAY, these bonuses did not come to play.



1. Editing within the IG app
2. How to Do Manual Transitions
3. Cover Photos
4. How to Get Rid of the Tik Tok Watermark
5. Using Canva templates
6. Editing in InShot


Season 02 of The Reels Minor is FULL of tutorial walkthrough trainings showing you exactly how to create Reels within the Instagram app, outside of the app, how to film multiple transitions, create cover photos, and SO much more. In this season we show you in real time episodes how we create reels from beginning to end, walking you through the thought process of creation, filming, editing, adding text, and posting.

Creating + Posting


1. Welcome & Why Reels?
2. It’s not just about reels..
3. Growth Strategy
4. Keeping People’s attention
5. Coming Up with Ideas


Season 01 of The Reels Minor covers Reels strategy as a whole within your Instagram marketing. 
We walk you step by step through how to incorporate Reels into your content strategy on Instagram, how to approach trends, reel content ideation, and ways to stand out and go viral using Reels on Instagram.

The Strategies


the reels minor


I joined the Reels minor when I purchased the Instagram Major course, I couldn’t pass on the deal even though I had literally no intention of creating a Reel. I had never made one before. I’m not Evie + Lindsey, I actually don’t like dancing, really wish I did—And I honestly thought how could I serve my clients without being witty or dancing since neither of those come natural to me. I decided, “heck, why not watch just the first few videos to see what they even have to say about it” and I was so shocked at how easy it was. I love that they gave ideas of what to do even if you don’t want to dance, places to get inspiration from + honestly this minor coupled with my instagram caption playbook membership with the heart university I am able to batch reels now when I never thought it was possible. I used to be the time of business person who would log on to instagram every day and stare at my screen wondering what photo to post + what the heck to say below it. This course gave me direction + honestly gave me back my time that I was wasting on the app. If you’re on the fence about purchasing I would say this course is worth the risk in money in order to gain your time back (not just once, but going forward) + I believe that’s worth so much more than the dollars! Imagine what you could do with your extra time, and how you could utilize it to serve your clients clients + grow your community! I went from not posting even one reel to creating so many and am slowly releasing them but I legit have content sitting in a queue waiting to be posted instead of a blank screen. 

kaitlin w.

No bots or fake followers were purchased. No “do-it-for-you” growth service was hired to grow our accounts. Only us showing up 100% real serving content that SERVED our ideal clients. That’s it.

We’ve grown a combined 112k followers organically over the years

Now look, we hate bragadocious “look at us!” shiz, but we do wanna be real, so here it goes: We know a LOT about Instagram marketing and building a brand online. From marketing + promoting a service to selling digital and physical products, we’ve done it all and learned how to do it dang well, and we’re here to pass ALL of those strategies on to you to see YOU succeed.

we’re Lindsey + Evie, the founders of The Heart University, co-hosts of the top rated business podcast The Heart & Hustle Podcast, and serial entrepreneurs who have grown & scaled multiple 6 & 7 figure businesses - almost entirely through organic Instagram marketing. 

Meet Your Teachers

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112K  4500  1.5M




You DON’T have to be an extrovert to grow your business on Instagram. This course teaches you the strategies and tools to grow on Instagram being 100% YOURSELF. If you try to fake it or be someone else, it won’t work. No dancing necessary. (unless of course that’s your jam. ;P)

"But I’m not extroverted. I’ve seen your guys’ Instagrams. I’m not willing to be crazy & dance."

but reels are hard. Every time I try them nothing ever works!!!! Is it even worth it?!”

“Couldn’t I figure this out on my own? Why should I spend $$ on this course?”

Alright, we’re gonna give you some tough love. Reels probably feel hard because you don’t understand them and you don’t have the tools you need to tackle them head-on with confidence and strategy. With this course, we promise you’ll no longer feel like sobbing or pulling out your hair whenever you think of reels. Instead, you’ll be pumping out value-driven content that is going to reach, engage, and convert with your ideal audience time and time again. If you’re ready to master reels and see the growth rolling in, this course is for you.

Sure. You totally *could* spend HOURS on your phone, watching tutorials, guessing, using trial and error, hoping your editing and strategy all works out. It’s totally possible. However, when you invest in The Reels Minor you get our tried and true strategies, tools, and trainings that we’ve honed over years of understanding organic marketing, human psychology, and video editing. By choosing The Reels Minor, you save time (and $$$), avoid our mistakes, and get resources, trainings, and tools that will accelerate your growth 10x faster than if you tried to do it on your own. (Not to mention it’ll make it way more fun and easy ;) ) So… you in??

Now we know what you’re thinking…

Will this work for my industry?


If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, creator, or influencer trying to build your brand & business on Instagram, then the answer is yes. No matter what industry and regardless of whether you're a service based business or a product based business, we created this course for YOU.

Can I purchase anytime??


No, this is a flash sale enrollment period and The Reels Minor is only open for ONE DAY right now. Doors close November 29th at 11:59pm pst! Trust us, you don’t wanna miss out on this!

Do I get lifetime access?


Yes. As long as this course exists, once you purchase you're in for the life of the course. This course is not a subscription plan in the sense that you have to keep paying monthly forever to stay inside. It is a one time purchase in exchange for the course! 

Are there payment plans?


Nope! These are one time purchases with no options for payment plan. 

What's the return policy?


We have a 30 day money back guarantee. As long as you watch the full course, show effort of implementation, and put in the work to actually see the results we KNOW you can get… if you’re still not satisfied with your purchase within 30 days, we'll happily give you your money back!

What sets this course apart from others?


The Reels Minor isn't a simple course teaching you how to get more followers on Instagram (though it does do that!) It's a course focusing on the foundational WHY behind everything you're doing through your Instagram Reels as well as all the stratifies involved. We walk you through content strategy, filming, editing, brainstorming viral ideas, transitions, and more! This course is the FULL rundown to create reels that go big, convert, and grow your business.

Is this self paced/how long will it take to finish?


The course is self paced so you can go on your own timeline that works for your own schedule and life! You can work through as slow or as fast as you'd like. We do recommend watching the course in order, as well as actually doing the work in each season as you go vs. binging it all at once. 




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Wellness brands

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Will this work for my business??

If you’re trying to grow and market your business on Instagram, this course is perfect. But to give you a list to start (this is by no means exhaustive!) this course is perfect for:

This course is perfect for ANY and ALL entrepreneurs and specifically creative business owners. 

Here’s the deal: We’re beyond confident in this course and our content. We know this works. We’ve seen it work for ourselves as well as hundreds of our coaching and course students. We’re so certain about these strategies and results that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. All you have to do is complete the entire course, actually implement the lessons, and we guarantee you’ll see results. If you take the full course, implement the strategies we give you, and are still not feeling it, just shoot our team a message, send proof of completion + implementation, and we’ll happily give you your money back. 

30 day money back guarantee

Our Heart Promise

I had been wanting to dive into reels FOREVER, but just was overwhelmed by the tech. I like to think I'm good at new tech things that come out, but Reels just feel harder for some reason. The Reels Minor broke down what I needed to do step by step in terms of tech AND strategy. I'm forever grateful for this advice. PS: My first reel got 3,000 new eyes on my account!

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Let's dive into Instagram Reels together, and do the dang thing! You ready? 

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Let's dive into Instagram Reels together, and do the dang thing! You ready? 

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