You’re ready to finally start that photography hobby but aren’t really sure which camera to buy or how the heck to use it once you get it home.

You’ve read and re-read your camera manual with tears of frustration streaming down your face only to give up yet again and promise you’ll come back to it later.

You’ve gone down the Google spiral searching for a definition of ISO that makes sense but you’re convinced it doesn’t exist .

Your *expensive* camera has been staring at you from the closet but you’re terrified to pick it up because...then what?

You’d love to document your life—whether that’s your kids growing up, your year abroad, or simply all the silly, sweet, daily moments—but even thinking about setting down your iPhone and picking up a “real camera” makes you cringe.

You’ve watched endless YouTube tutorials only to leave more confused than ever.

First things first—you’re      alone! Cameras are freaking hard to figure out.



What if instead

You FINALLY had an EASY and PRECISE guide to camera principles that made implementing and mastering them feel like a breeze.

The next time you picked up your camera you knew EXACTLY how to get it to do what you wanted and felt like a pro behind the lens.

But before all of that—what if you actually knew where to BEGIN.

Taking photos felt EXCITING and full of opportunities rather than scary and overwhelming.

You were able to document all the best moments of your life in a way that truly represented how much they meant to you and then share them with everyone you love.

Words like ISO and shutter speed no longer tripped you up and you actually knew what the frick they were and how to master them like a pro.

And you could finally make all of the photos you’ve been dreaming about                   

come to life?!


Anyone can take jaw-dropping, professional images if they have the 

right tools.

And by tools, we mean education, support, and to put it bluntly: a FINALLY simplified, easy-to-understand manual on how to get your camera to do what you want it to do. Once you understand the camera basics, photography goes from overwhelming and kinda scary to ridiculously exciting and a frick ton of fun.

what if we promised that

you could            camera basics in one week flat?

No unnecessary photography “tools” you’ll never use. No ultra-confusing tutorials. No foreign camera language that makes you feel like you’re on a different planet. 

Simply the confidence and knowledge to pick up your camera, head out with your favorite humans, and take photos you’re wildly proud of. Photos you’ll look back on for years to come. Photos you’ll WANT to share with the world. Because photography is more than just a skill—it’s a way to press pause on those precious, exciting, once-in-a-lifetime moments and relive them whenever you want. Not understanding your camera shouldn’t stop you from doing that!


Shelby Robinson
Thistle + Wood Photo

OKAY WOW. If only I had this course when I started out because I would have skipped out on SOOO many questions and doubt I had when I first begun. And the best thing? I have been in this industry for 10 years and I STILL learned new things from the basics course - that is how in depth it goes. And yet even though it gets deep, it also keeps things simple and easy. Including Important things to know and look for, but also things that are not vital to know just yet when you are starting out.
I love LOVE how Lindsey + Evie were honest about this because when you are starting out there is sooooo much to learn, and if you are like me, it’s all too easy to get overwhelmed and get absolutely no where. Also, as someone who is super visual it helped me SO much that, while the girls where talking and explaining concepts int he video, they provided images of the content they were talking about. That sealed the explanations for me and, as a beginner, would have helped me learned far more efficiently!
THEN the “Live in the Field” at the really end…PERFECTION. I LOVED getting a look into the girls minds as they did a live shoot not only in 1 lighting scenario but THREE! They walked you through step by step as they processed and adjusted all the settings they spoke about originally in the course. PLUS they didn’t get it perfect the first time - I can just feel my younger self exiling in relief that it’s not about getting it perfect, but instead finding a look and feel that fits what you like as you learn. And having fun while you do!...

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....From learning your camera - not only all the basic settings that set you up for success, but they also recommended levels of cameras from Canon + Nikon to give you a place to start (meaning they did the research FOR YOU) AGAIN GENIUS.
From SD cards and lenses - it’s easy to think you can get whatever when you first start out, but there are some things about both that are soooo crucial…and the girls cover it all! I was so impressed and again, this section especially would be been SO helpful to me as a beginner. I loved the details they covered here!
It can feel like a lot when you are starting something new, but I feel like Lindsey + Evie really took the time and effort to pour into just about every detail you could think and question when you are taking off. Even details that I didn’t hit until years later into my journey. (That would have been SO nice to know sooner, haha!)
As someone who has been a wedding photographer for a decade I could not recommend this course more to photographers starting out, OR EVEN those who are a few years in but may want a refresher or tips on how to shoot and adjust settings in lighting scenarios like shade, golden hour, and harsh light. (YES they even give you tips on shooting in that dreaded harsh light!!)

I honestly couldn’t think of anything negative - any questions I started to have were answers just after or later in the course and it shut me up, haha! They did such a great job and really cover everything I could think of!

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The Season

meet the camera basics minor

Your solution has arrived

Getting started


Before breaking down how to use a camera, we’re helping you choose the right gear for your wants, needs, dreams, and wishes! By the time you’re finished with this episode, you’ll know which camera brand is for you, what lenses you might want to buy and why, and all the intricacies of memory cards. No more staring at options and wondering, “Ok but what gear do I really need?”

understanding your camera


Now that your gear is picked out and ready to work, we’re walking you through all the basic camera settings—what they are, how they work, when you need them, common mistakes, rules of thumb, and how to use them to your advantage. Alllll those buttons on top of your camera? They’re about to become your BFFs. We’re covering everything from shooting modes, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, exposure, and more.

advanced camera settings


Whether you want to tackle photography as a business or a hobby, mastering advanced settings can take your photos to an entirely new level. But don’t get “advanced” confused with “hard”! In this episode, we break it all down into small, digestible pieces you’ll master in no time. We’re covering Raw vs JPEG, focus modes, drive modes, and white balance. By the time we’re through, you’ll be able to work your camera like a pro!



You’ve already mastered the technical side, so now we’re focusing on the creative side of camera basics. Everything you’ve ever wondered about framing, composition, self-timer mode, and actually heading out to do the dang thing (like how to work with harsh light) will be answered. But we’re not just telling you about them—we’re taking you out in the field for LIVE, IN-ACTION tutorials of us actually shooting in different scenarios and walking you through the right tools and principles to use for each. Once complete, you’ll be ready to grab your camera and start taking photos that make you think, “How the heck did I do this?!” Psst: Send ‘em our way when you do, we wanna see the magic you create!

Here’s Why This Course Is Different

We’re not just TELLING you what to do...we’re SHOWING you live, in-the-field footage of us demonstrating                               so you can easily follow along.

than anything you’ve ever tried

every single principle

You’ll get a workbook with the steps and breakdowns from each episode so                                                                 any time you need!

form and review them

you can see them in written form and review them

      You’ll be learning from two of the industry’s
            Who are completely                 and know exactly what you’re feeling right now (because we’ve been there too)!

      You’ll be learning from two of the industry’s
Who are completely                 and know exactly what you’re feeling right now (because we’ve been there too)!




self taught

It’s like an interactive, holistic camera school you never knew existed!



4 Course seasons
80 Minutes of Video Content 
In-The-Field Video Tutorials 
Bonus Workbook 
Lifetime Access
30-Day 100% money-back-guarantee 

a peek inside


Aside from being shamelessly goofy globetrotters who have full-on dance parties in our PJs (yes, we’re adults)...we’re also full-time photographers who feel most alive when helping other people step into their God-given callings—living their lives to the fullest and fully embracing their passions.

But let’s rewind real quick, k? We both found photography in high school and fell immediately in love—but neither of us had plans for our hobbies to turn into worldwide businesses within 18 months (we chuckle because, #Godthing). Now, we... 

who the HECK are Lindsey + Evie?????

sounds like a dream

We’re simply two gals obsessed with seeing other creatives win and have a frick ton of fun along the way. So what do you say?

Run multiple 6- and 7-figure businesses

Have taught more than 4,000 students around the world how to start, scale, and master their creative businesses

Hosted The Heart Workshop that sold out 6 workshops within a few hours (with a waitlist of 10,000 photographers)

Host the top-rated marketing podcast with over a million downloads 

Ready to take epic photos you’re wildly proud of? 

like these?!

or these?!

"Y’all I wish I had this course when I first picked up a camera!! If you’re anything like me and are easily frustrated with having to search on the internet for the things you need help understanding, then have to do another search for some of the terms they used in the article or video, and the vicious cycle goes on and on. The cycle of frustration and Internet searching can stop here, with this course, everything is all in one place and easy to understand. After taking the packed full course, without the hours upon hours of video, I feel like I know my camera on a better level. Evie and Lindsey skip all the fluff and get straight to the point so you can get out there doing your thing as soon as you can. My favorite season was season 2 where they really break down the camera settings/ features and explain how they work. Then, in season 4 they go through how they all work in conjunction to one another with real life examples out in the field; which I love. This course is perfect for someone just starting out who knows nothing about cameras to someone who may feel somewhat insecure about their capabilities and needs a boost. Skip the headache and frustration… go get yo-self the course and see for yourself!"

Erica Lowden

"Hey friends! If you are a new photographer who has just picked up a camera and doesn't know where to start, this course is for you! This camera minor course explores camera and lens brands, TONS of camera settings, and the basics of how to conduct a photoshoot. My personal favorite part of this course is the Live photoshoot ride-along, where Lindsay and Evie bring you along to several different lighting scenarios and talk you through each step! By the end of this course, you will be more confident in your abilities to work a camera and assess photoshoot details. Good luck, and have fun!"

Emma @Emmakphoto


What's the investment?



One-time payment of $197

Do you offer payment plans?



We priced this course to be friendly for most budgets! So we are not offering any type of payment plan right now.

Who is this course for?



YOU! No seriously—this course is for anyone who wants to master their camera, feel super confident while shooting, and improve their photography whether it’s for business or fun!

What is the refund policy?



We’re offering a 30-day money-back guarantee to anyone who completes the course, does the work, and still feels it didn’t apply to them.

What's included?



Lifetime access to the Camera Basics Minor, a full fundamentals photography course complete with: 80 minutes of video content and training within 17 video episodes including a live in-the-field training with Lindsey and Evie implementing ALL the principles taught in the course in real time PLUS a full 50+ page workbook! We've packed this course with every fundamental principle you'll need to master your camera!


all too


"Lindsey and Evie have truly blessed me with this course! This course was so simple and easy to work with. I learned so much in such little time. It was pleasant to the eyes, super easy to follow along, and used its time wisely! I feel so much more confident in understanding my camera, understanding the technology within photography, and my ability to take photos! They really made everything so easy to understand and went into details I wasn’t even expecting. I’m so excited to play with my camera and apply what I learned! Such a well-rounded and enjoyable course for my beginner self! I definitely feel more confident in my ability to photograph, to explore and learn more, and to challenge myself now knowing the basics!"

Jada Minaya

"I feel so much more confident to challenge myself now"

Photography has brought so much joy to our lives and now we want YOU to experience that thrill of solidifying moments in time and sharing them with the people you love. We think you deserve that—and we can’t freaking wait to be along for the ride!


Ready to join us?!