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A business and lifestyle podcast for creative entrepreneurs, dreamers, and doers who want to make the most out of their life.

Each Tuesday and Thursday Evie & Lindsey bring you tangible actionable tips to up level your business and life while giving you some laughs and encouraging you to chase after your God given dreams.

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Evie Rupp & Lindsey Roman

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Hey friend! We're so stoked you're here. We're Evie and Lindsey, two wedding photographers turned entrepreneurs, business educators, and founders of The Heart University. Over the past few years we've created multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses, and we're so passionate about seeing people lead successful careers while living well balanced lives.

Our goal is to see people confidently stepping into their God given calling and fully embracing who they were made to be. We love marketing and business strategy just as much as we love a good dance party, muddy hikes, and a glass of wine.

Evie Rupp & Lindsey Roman

Meet Your Hosts

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We started Heart & Hustle for the dreamers and doers out there who are hustling to make their dreams a reality. Consider us your newest bff's who are in your corner (and your ear buds!) giving you practical tools to use in your business and life, while empowering you with some spit fire truths that will ignite you to go get it.

Because we believe you have ONE life to live, and YOU get to choose how you want to live it. Ya ready to run your business like a rockstar and own who you were made to be? Perf. Chat with you there! 

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Each Tuesday Evie & Lindsey bring you tangible actionable tips to up level your business and life while giving you some laughs and encouraging you to chase after your God given dreams.

"I’ve listened to SO MANY podcasts before... but none compare to this one! I’ve listened to literally EVERY episode and it is pure MAGIC. ✨ Evie and Lindsey know how to give you a little kick in the booty (with a lot of love) and inspire you to kick butt in your business. These episodes are filled with practical tips and inspiring messages. 👏🏻 No matter what kind of business you own (or even if you’re not an entrepreneur), you’re going to learn so much from this podcast because it’s not only smart business advice, but LIFE lessons. So grateful for these two and their willingness to share! ❤️"

Stephanie Kase


"This is by far one of my top favorite podcasts to date. They preach the truth on so many topics + emotions that you thought you were alone on. The information, education, good laughs and the overall energy of these two will make you want to stop what you’re doing and DO THE THANG. Love them!"


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"This is the best podcast I’ve ever heard. Evie and Lindsey really hit home with each and every episode. Can’t believe all this incredible information and insight is completely free!! I’m not one to leave reviews but these ladies deserve all the clapping. Listen to them alllll!!!"


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