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Would you MUCH rather camp under the stars than be caught dead in a 5 star resort? If so, our Adventure template is for you. It’s a fully customizable drag-and-drop website template for the program Showit (Showit subscription must be purchased separately). This template is packed full of earthy, grungy, and playful design fit for the wanderlust inspired creative best. With 10 customizable ready made for you pages (INCLUDING a pre-installed site-matching Wordpress blog), you’ll be able to plug in your unique brand colors, fonts, and photos to attract those mountain lovin’ clients you vibe with. Haven’t created your own brand yet? No fear. The Adventure Template includes a variety of outdoorsy illustrations such as trees, mountains, moons & stars you can use to help create your own logo and brand. Included with this template are ALL fonts, illustrations, and copy prompts seen in the demo. Once you purchase you can just plug in your own words & photos and BOOM, you’ll have an excellent, high end converting site in no time. 

The Adventure Template is perfect for outdoor lovin’ adventurous elopement photographers, videographers, florists, makeup artists, or any small business owner with a nature inspired business.


Adventure template

Adventure Template

• 10 Custom pages:
home, about, experience, investment, blog, contact, category, post, instagram links, & 404
• showit 5 compatible
• Custom artwork & fontS
• detailed installation guide & Training videos
• seo optimized
• no coding necessary
• conversion based design
• Copywriting prompts


Easy Install

Showit is a drag-and-drop website builder that allows you to create the website of your dreams in a jiffy without any stress or coding! Showit is the platform of choice for The Heart University and trusted by yours truly, Lindsey & Evie.

what is showit?


Once you complete checkout you will receive a detailed pdf installation guide and training video with all of the step-by-step instructions you need to setup your shiny new website template!

how do I install?


Showit is an extremely user-friendly platform and we will show you exactly how to install, setup and customize your template in the included training video. Almost every element of your site can be easily edited directly in Showit, No need for coding or photoshop!

how does showit work?


Not to worry, you can easily switch platforms. We recommend utilizing a free Showit trial to install and setup your template, then once you're finished simply subscribe to Showit, then request a domain connection and blog migration or setup (if desired) to Showit via your user profile then cancel your old hosting.

what if I don't have showit?

Showit incorporates a Wordpress blog which is FANTASTIC for increasing your SEO. The training videos included with your purchase will walk you through exactly how to blog with Wordpress/Showit.

how do I blog on showit?

While we do not offer a direct line of customer support through The Heart University, you can absolutely utilize the customer support line vie email or chat on as well as their emergency support line (available to subscribers only) at

do you offer support?




Absolutely! No matter where you purchased your domain it can be connected easily to your new Showit website once you're ready to take it live! Simply submit a setup request to Showit support when you're ready and they'll take it from there!

Can I keep my domain/url?

Of course! The incredible thing about our templates + the Showit platform is that you can create new pages in your site, or duplicate any of the 10 page templates you will receive to repurpose them for another page design!

can I add on more pages?

These templates are for EVERYONE! Whether you're a author, podcaster, influencer, or creative business owner, you can customize our templates with ease to make it your own unique online home!

what if I'm not a photog?




That's right friend, these templates are customizable from TOP to BOTTOM! You can follow along our instructional guide and video included with your template purchase to implement your branding and content in a breeze!

what can i change?

You are saving at LEAST $5k just on the site alone, not including copywriting prompts, illustrations, and SO much more. If you were to purchase a custom website, copywriting, SEO and illustrations you would be looking at a bill upwards of $10k!

why choose our templates?

You sure can! Shopify Lite integrates easily into Showit! It's only $9mo and you can simply add in an embed code box, paste your shopify product code in, and you'll be setting up shop in no time!

can I have a shop?




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Browse the website library to find your perfect fit. Remember, each template can be completely customized to your personal branding. Make sure to look at the structure of the design to find a complimentary match.

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Changing out colors, fonts, image, content and artwork is easy as pie on Showit 5. You can use the design settings to customize site-wide and keep things consistent throughout your site for an optimal client experience. Change out your images & add in your content and you're ready to go!

launch partayyy

After you've finished customizing your new online home you can submit your domain and blog setup requests directly to Showit customer support and they will take care of the connections for you. 

custom designed by one of the best in the biz

Sarah Crook

Sarah Crook is the founder and CEO of Alisabeth Designs, a branding and web design boutique for wedding industry professionals based in Atlanta. When Sarah is not leading her team of 6 you'll find her guiding her group of over 1000 designers in weekly discussions or mentoring designers one on one to help them achieve their greatest business aspirations. In her free time, Sarah enjoys traveling with her family and serving at a local nonprofit organization. She has been nominated for Forbes 30 under 30, 20 on the Rise, and featured in the Showit Spark Anthology. She is highly involved in educational business outlets nationwide and has designed brands and websites among some of the biggest names in the industry.

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Sarah crook. Founder of alisabeth designs



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