Dallas | October 10-12, 2023


Tired of feeling alone, strugglin’ to figure out this                   by yourself?

Get ready to learn next level marketing & business strategies, feel energized and empowered, find your purpose, meet new biz besties, and have the time of your life!


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  • October 10-12, 2023
  • VIP Dinner starts the evening of October 9th
  • Monroe Pearson Event Space
  • Denton, TX

We're bringing the Heart Conference to... 

The Heart Conference is a place for creative business owners & dreamers of all kinds to come together, experience community, learn business & marketing strategies that will help you grow & scale your business, all while having the best friggin’ time of your life. Get ready to be empowered in your business & life so you can go out and break down every barrier that is holding you back from achieving your goals.

I am in!

Ready to explode your business and build community in just 3 days?


Receive over 12 hours of hardcore business education

Dance your PANTS off

Listen to top industry leaders teach you everything they know

Connect with a community of like-minded creative entrepreneur besties

Nip that feeling of loneliness in the bud

Speak to your hearts of your IDEAL client

Get paid to do what you LOVE

Learn some hardcore marketing and sales strategies that’ll grow your business beyond what you could EVER imagined

You’re running your business from the comfort of your kitchen table with a good cup of homemade coffee in hand. Feeling mega STRESSED from ALL the things on your plate. Your family and friends just don’t understand. You’re doing all the things, but STILL can’t seem to shake this awful feeling...

You’re lonely as HECK!!!

That’s EXACTLY how we felt… super freaking lonely when we FIRST started our businesses. But when we met one another almost 5 years ago… EVERYTHING changed! We KNOW how beneficial community is on your entrepreneurial journey. We know, because it’s helped us IMMENSELY every step of the way.  Entrepreneurship is friggin’ tough. And doing it without your people makes it even HARDER!!! 

If you’re ready to...

Then this conference is for you! 

Get ready to learn all things sales, marketing, & biz while PARTY ROCKING with 300 of your business BFFS!

As you scroll through IG stories, seeing everyone and their mom hanging out with their business bestie, bouncing all their newest ideas off one another…
you can’t help but wish you had THAT!!! 

Which is why we created The Heart Conference in the first place.

Lemme guess...

Meet Your Hosts:

Taryn Rachelle

Lindsey & Evie

We’re your hosts… Lindsey & Evie, the founders of The Heart University, co-hosts of the top rated business podcast The Heart & Hustle Podcast, photographers, business coaches, and serial entrepreneurs who have grown & scaled multiple 6 & 7 figure businesses. 

We created The Heart Conference to help YOU kill it in not only your business & life, but also to have a place to find your people. Cause when you find your besties that help you go through life and navigate this crazy wild journey of entrepreneurship… it changes EVERYTHING.


Shay Cochrane

As a commercial photographer & product stylist, Shay’s clients spanned the globe but powerhouse female entrepreneurs like Marie Forleo, Jenna Kutcher and thousands of others love her Social Squares Membership where she puts her years of work into a highly curated stock image membership that supplies elevated stock images for female-owned online brands. 

Jai Long is a business coach, serial entrepreneur, award-winning wedding photographer, public speaker, founder of the Six-Figure Business Map and of course, host of the Wedding Photography Summit.

A mouthful of accomplishments aside, Jai leads a heart-filled community of wedding photographers and videographers worldwide to create fulfilling businesses by overcoming self-limiting beliefs and setting unrealistic goals.

Jai Long

And Now Meet Your Keynote Speaker....

Amy Porterfield

Amy is an ex-corporate girl turned online marketing expert and CEO of a multimillion-dollar business. During her corporate days, Amy worked with mega-brands like Harley-Davidson, as well as Peak Performance Coach Tony Robbins.
Through her best-selling courses and top-ranked marketing podcast Online Marketing Made Easy, Amy has helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs turn in their two weeks’ notice and trade burnout for freedom, income, and impact. Amy’s work has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, CNBC, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, and more.


LoriAnn Kuntz

LoriAnn is the owner and CEO of LoriAnn Kuntz, LLC, a boutique accounting and fractional CFO firm helping creatives go from unsure to unstoppable when thinking about their finances. With over 8 years of experience in accounting and small business finance, she has the insight and experience to help you up-level your business while removing the stress and burden of managing your finances.

Natalie Frank

Natalie Franke is an author, community builder, neuroscience nerd and mama bear for small business. 

As one of the founders of the Rising Tide, the Chief Evangelist at HoneyBook, and author of Built to Belong, she leads tens of thousands of independent business owners while fostering a spirit of community over competition around the world. setting unrealistic goals.

Taryn Rachelle is the CEO & Founder of The Social Lifestyle Co. and host of She Can Systemize Podcast. She is all about building your business around your life and not the other way around and she helps the wedding and event industry do so by creating intentional and strategic systems. From her knowledge about platforms like Dubsado and ClickUp to automations that save her clients 10+hrs per week, systems are her true zone of genius!

The Main Stage Talks

After learning (the hard way) from scaling multiple businesses themselves AND teaching hundreds of students who’ve dealt with the same…. Lindsey & Evie are teaching you the most common pitfall entrepreneurs experience while scaling their business AND what to do about it. They'll be covering how to avoid the pitfall completely AND how to get out of the mess if you're already in it.

Here's what you're gonna learn at the conference...

"Growing Pains - the biggest Pitfall to avoid While Scaling Your Business"

"Building A Life You Love"

Why did you start your business in the first place? What is the reason you decided to be your own boss? In this mainstage talk, powerhouse CEO of Elevae, Shay Cochrane, is going to help you prioritize and build a business that makes sense for YOUR life, not the other way around. Too many entrepreneurs start their business only to become a slave to what they thought would give them freedom. It's time to end the hustle and build a business and life you LOVE.

"Fundamentally change your biz with easy sales"

Do you struggle with actually getting the sale? Feel like a slimy car salesman anytime you go to talk about your business and offerings with... well anyone... much less potential clients? Jai Long, serial entrepreneur and MASTER of sales is going to break down HOW to incorporate seamless and easy sales strategies into your business that actually work. Get ready to have your mind completely blown because Jai is bringing all his strategies to the stage in Dallas.

"How to Value Stack Your Business to Become Top of Your Industry"

Want to charge more & book luxury clients that actually VALUE you? Want your business to become an auto-buy store for your customers who RAVE about you? It's time to learn how to increase the value perception (& reality!) of your business. Evie & Lindsey be teaching you strategies to add value to your business to be able to charge more, attract luxury customers, create raving fans, repeat buyers, and blow the SOCKS off of your client’s expectations.

"How to Play a Bigger Game"

Ready to truly up level and scale your business to make more money with less time? Um.. YES please. As our keynote speaker, the queen of marketing herself, Amy Porterfield, will be breaking down her top 5 marketing strategies that are working right now in 2023 to help you strategically grow your business to new heights. Amy's keynote talk will leave your mind chalk full of ideas and step-by-step to-do's you can take action on immediately. Get ready to learn from the BEST of the BEST.

The Breakout Talks

Feel like you're throwing spaghetti against the wall hoping people pay the random price you just whipped out of your bootie? Struggle feeling unworthy and that if someone books you, you're basically robbing them? In this breakout, Lindsey & Evie will be tackling pricing through both a mindset AND strategy lens for service-based businesses. You'll learn their foundational pricing formula so that you KNOW what you need to get paid, not just what feels okay. Get ready to walk away with a truckload of confidence & strategy when it comes to pricing.

You get to choose 3 of these intimate breakout sessions

"The pricing Blueprint"

"The 16 Hr CEO: How to make more by working less"

Shay started and built her entire business working ONLY 16 hours a week... purely because at the time, 2 days of daycare was all she could afford. In this intimate breakout she's going to help you figure out what you ACTUALLY need to be doing in your business to move the needle forward. And hint: it's probably only about 20% of how you're currently spending your time. It's time to learn how to strategically work in your business so you can work less, amen!?

"Why you're getting ghosted"

In this intimate workshop style breakout, Natalie, the founder of The Rising Tide Society and Chief Evangelist at Honeybook, breaks down the top 5 reasons service providers are getting ghosted and why. Natalie will give you tangible solutions on how YOU can fix them. You'll walk away with practical steps on creating a client flow from inquiry to booking that will increase your booking rate considerably.

"Prioritizing Profit like a CEO"

LoriAnn Kuntz, a professional bookkeeper and CFO extraordinaire, aka a whiz with numbers, will be teaching you in this breakout how to organize & strategically set up your business's finances and books to have a profitable cash flow no matter what stage of business you are in. If you need desperate help understanding your businesses finances with confidence, this breakout is for you.

"how to write sales copy that converts"

In this intimate breakout talk, Jai Long is deep diving into a niche of sales that a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with: sales copy. So much of the selling process is in formulating and writing words that psychologically help your potential client view YOUR product or service as the solution to their problem. Jai is going to walk you through his exact framework on how he uses copy to sell. 

"The Freedom Formula: Creating Systems to Help You Make More Money and Give You Back More Time"

Taryn Rachelle is an actual wizard at helping her clients create systems and automations to save more time and money in their businesses. And in this workshop style breakout talk, she's bringing ALL her knowledge to you open book style. Taryn will be going over the tried and true principles on HOW to set up systems in your business strategically and simply. It's time to stop doing the same thing over and over again, babe. Let's work smarter, not harder.

Did you miss

our last Heart Conference?!

If so…. here’s the long awaited recap video showing you everytthinngg that went down last April in Nashville. It was a BUSINESS packed party for sure.

you pumped to bring this party to dallas, texas!?


• Private VIP Dinner with Lindsey & Evie on Monday 10/9
• Q&A and Photo Op with Lindsey & Evie during VIP dinner on Monday 10/9
• Admission to the conference from  Tuesday 10/10 to Thursday 10/12.
• Reserved seating in front rows during main stage sessions of the conference
• VIP morning hangouts each morning with L & E
• VIP exclusive goodie bags
• Intimate VIP chat with L & E
• Breakout Sessions
• Access to Heart Dance Party








• Admission to the conference from Tuesday 10/10 to Thursday 10/12.
• General Admission Goodie Bags
•  Breakout Sessions 
• Access to Heart Dance Party

• Livestream Admission to the conference from Tuesday 10/10 to Thursday 10/12.
•  Watch Mainstage Sessions LIVE
• Access to the conference replay
for 30 days.
Breakout sessions & dance party will not be streamed live.





Get access!!

1. You’re an entrepreneur or creator feeling stuck and struggling to grow. Your sales are meh at best… and you need some serious strategy not to mention a freaking SPARK fired up in you to ignite your business goals and dreams. You have big dreams, you just need a little help!

The Heart Conference is for you if:

2.  You’re a small business owner freakin’ tired of no one around you understanding what you’re dealing with. The world of entrepreneurship is lonely and you NEED community desperately… especially after the last year and a half.

3. You’re a dreamer who’s feeling lost with what you want to do with your life. You have passions & skills you’d LOVE to turn into a business, but the how is SO freaking overwhelming. You need help and a kick in the butt to get ya going.

Jam Packed With Value

Not only are you hearing from the industry's top leaders teaching everything they know on our main-stage... you ALSO get the chance to sit down in an intimate group with the speakers of your choice and dive DEEP into specific topics. You'll be able to learn even more in a hands-on, intimate setting, get your questions answered, and focus on the specific needs you have in your biz right now. There's a total of over 12 hours of educational training and value from some of the best in the biz!! You don't wanna miss this.

The full schedule will be announced in the coming months, so get excited! Until then, this is what you can expect:

• Two full days of the conference
• VIP Dinner starts Monday night 10/9
• Conference ends Thursday afternoon 10/12
• Main stage talks
• Keynote Speaker
• Breakout sessions
• Dance parrrtyyyyy


"This week changed my life. As cliche as that sounds, it's the truth. I took a courageous leap of faith to invest in my dream by booking my ticket to The Heart University Conference back in September. I boarded my flight to Nashville with the hope that I would gain the knowledge I needed to grow my dream business. After four days of learning from some of the most inspirational business owners and being in a room full of creative entrepreneurs, I gained far more than the business knowledge I was seeking. Last night, I boarded my flight home with a full heart knowing that I gained a community of likeminded, God-loving creative entrepreneurs and a clearer vision for the future of my business."


"Where do I even begin about this past week? I posted on Monday about how excited I was to learn more to better serve my couples… What I didn't know is by Thursday, my life would be changed forever. I walked into this conference in a season of uncertainty, feeling lost, and being completely drained. I didn't realize how dry my soul was. I left with an overflowing soul, surrounded by my new business besties that I love so much already. To The Heart University... THANK YOU for creating a space for creative entrepreneurs of all kinds to come as they are. Thank you for guiding us with your knowledge and experiences but also bringing in other speakers who also share your heart. Thank you for being a light in the business world, we need more people like you, and more events like that. I would've paid 5x over to go again. I don't think you realize the impact you are having and the encouragement you are bringing. You could just feel Jesus in that place, and for the first time I heard him speak so clearly. I'm refreshed and so READY to introduce you to all of the AMAZING things that are in the works."


Hear what past buckaroos are saying...

"What a WEEK!! Attending the Heart Conference was incredible. I drove 8 hours both ways to stay in an Airbnb with 15 strangers to attend my first business conference. Sounds wild, right?! It was perfect- everything I hoped for and more than I knew I needed. Not only were our speakers industry leaders and professionals, they were women and men of faith, mothers, friends, and they also knew how to get down on the dance floor! Between the sessions, car rides, dinners, coffee line chats, and nights in at "The House," we were filled with so much knowledge, encouragement, and love. Catch me signing up SO fast and hoping they announce the next conference soon! Who's coming with me?!"


make friends, connect with travel buddies, book airbnbs or rental cars together, ask questions, get HYPED, and so much more!

Join the Heart Conference Community Group


DFW: 26 Miles - 30 Minutes to venue

DAL 39 Miles - 45 Minutes to venue

Train Stations: 
Dallas Express 

There is plenty of parking around the venue, so don't worry about that.


Airbnb Neighborhoods & Travel Time to Venue


Denton Square: lots of cute boutiques, restaurants, etc.

Lake Lewisville & Lake Grapevine: 10-20 minute drive away

Dallas Arboretum
Perot Museum
Bishop Arts District
Six Flags over Texas
Texan Game
Sundance Square
Billy Bobs
Pecan Lodge
Texas State Fair



LSA Burger Co.
Jupiter House- Coffee
West Oak Coffee Bar
Barley & Board
Thai Square
Rusty Taco Denton
East Side Denton Food Trucks
Harvest House
Dix Coney Island Denton
Beth Marie's Old Fashioned Ice Cream

SpringHill Suites by Marriott:
5 minute drive
Amenities: pool

Embassy Suites by Hilton Denton Convention Center:
13 minute drive
Amenities:  queen and king suites, fitness room

Things To Do Around Dallas

Hampton Inn & Suites Denton:
5 minute drive
Amenities:  king & queen rooms 

Best Western Plus Denton Inn & Suites:
 12 minute drive
Amenities: swimming pool, fitness room

Denton: 5-10 minute drive

Corinth: 10-15 minute drive

Argyle: 15-20 minute drive

Lantana: 20-25 minute drive

saddle up, partner!

- The opportunity for REAL life, in-person connection with other like-minded business owners, creating LIFELONG friendships and community. 

- training + education that will EXPlode your biz.

-a moment to let loose, have fun and learn some KILLER business strategies along the way.

This is what you miss out on if you let FEAR get in the way…

Look, we get it. Hopping on a plane across the country, all to walk into a room full of 300 strangers IS hard. We’re NOT denying that. We think EVERYONE at some point in their life has felt that way. Pee-your-pants nervous over doing something FAR outside their comfort zone. AMIRIGHT?

But let us ask you this… when was the last time you did something that made you poop your pants scared, and ended up being SO freaking worth it? When was the last time you TRULY challenged yourself?!


It’s time to get out of your comfort zone! Ready to jump all in?! We're ready to see you in Dallas!

We originally got into business as two wedding photographers now turned entrepreneurs, podcasters, business educators, and founders of The Heart University. Over the last 4 years we’ve built this company to over 1.5 million in revenue, started the chart topping The Heart & Hustle Podcast, and have taught over 4500 students between our in person workshops and our online courses. We’ve built a rockin’ community of creative entrepreneurs striving to succeed and CRUSH their business and life goals! We're so passionate about seeing people lead successful careers while living well balanced lives. 

join the rodeo

Our goal is to see people confidently stepping into their God given calling and fully embracing who they were made to be. We love marketing and business strategy just as much as we love a good dance party, muddy hikes, and a glass of wine.

Heyyyy! We’re your Heart Conference hosts, Lindsey & Evie. 

"The Heart Conference was the best investment I’ve made not only into my business, but myself as well. I've been following @mrslindseyroman and @evierupp for years, and I always told myself that if they put on a conference, I'm buying a ticket the day they release. I definitely learned so many great things for my business, but the community side of the conference was where some of my biggest take aways came from. I had a food service job for 8 years (I was a business ops director when I left), and working that kind of job for so long really took a toll on me. Seeing all the negative sides of people made me closed off to getting to know others, especially females. I was pretty nervous about going to a conference where I only knew 1 person. I honestly thought I'd learn about business and that was it, but I was so wrong! Going to this conference healed parts of me I didn’t know were broken. I used to be such a people person When I was younger, but the older I got and the more I worked in food service, the more closed off I became. I realized at the conference that even though I'm an introvert, I'm more extroverted than I thought. It shows me that I can still easily make friends, have fun, and be myself with others. I met some incredible people that will be friends for a long time. If you are a business owner and ever have the opportunity to go to a conference by @theheartuniversity don’t even second guess going." 


"I don't know what I expected from this week. But this conference @theheartuniversity & these people exceeded every expectation by a long shot. To say it was transformative would be such an undersell because I don't think I can put into words what it felt like to be fully accepted and cheered on by 150+ fellow entrepreneurs. This was not just a business conference. Because although I learned a ton & I will be implementing all of it… the community that was created was something far more special than any business advice or technique. Evie and Lindsey… you created something so special and I think I needed this week in ways I never realized. And I am so incredibly grateful."


“I still can't believe 1. this week is already over 2. I actually went through with it and traveled all by myself to Nashville Months ago I bought a ticket for The Heart Conference. I knew I needed this event in my life. I was not only going to meet leaders I've been looking up to for SO long, but I was also meeting a community of likeminded creative entrepreneurs. Honestly? You can only thrive when you are surrounded by the right people. People who believe you are WORTHY, your mission is what the world needs and make you feel like you matter. The people I have met this week will be with me in my heart until I'm old and gone. I can never forget the love and welcoming feeling I felt right here. Going back home is honestly HARD. Leaving behind a culture where I fit in and feel at home is hurting my heart. I promise to take the light, love and faith with me I felt here. I promise the risk and fears of doing this trip and stepping out of my comfort will be worth it all."


"This past week I was a part of an amazing conference. It was transformational in my business, it challenged my thinking and mindsets, it encouraged me in areas where I felt I had fallen short and most importantly I left a better friend and business owner! I got to meet and hang out with so many new friends my two role models I look up to tremendously as woman of God and business owners: Evie and Lindsey. Grateful for all the hard work that went into this conference and for all the people who spoke into our


"MY VERY FIRST BUSINESS!!! Man, I still don't even have the words for this past week I was surrounded by so many incredible, talented, and inspiring creatives + entrepreneurs from all around the world + the word SPEECHLESS doesn't even cut it for how I feel ad! We got to listen to some of the most brilliant + successful business owners + speakers in the US. @donaldmiller @zimism @angieleeshow @thelegalpaige @jordanleedooley also met SO many other amazing photographers, graphic designers, calligraphers, videographers + creatives that are on a mission to create the life that they have always dreamed of HUGE thank you to @evierupp + @mrslindseyroman for stepping out in faith years ago, using the talents God gave them to serve others, and inspiring artists all around the world to do the same. If you were scared like I was to make an investment in yourself or your business, I encourage you today…GO FOR IT! YOU are the MOST valuable investment you will ever make. You deserve it, you earned it, and it will come back to you in ten fold. Thank you to all the incredible people I met this week + cannot WAIT to show you guys everything."


"THE HEART CONFERENCE NASHVILLE 2022!!! WOW AND WOW. I can't even begin to explain how much this week changed me because I'll be here for 8 hours. I'Il sum things up Seeing @evierupp & @mrslindseyroman at the @theheartuniversity conference was EVERYTHING I needed right now. A lot of women, like me, came to see them too, and I'm so grateful I walked away with new amazing business friends. Entrepreneurship can be SO LONLEY. This week made me feel like I have an entire family going through this with me. I never met a more energetic, intelligent, brave, and God-loving group of women. Just seeing everyone together was extremely inspiring in itself. Hearing all of the unique businesses each of us have, and how we change the world with them. I'm truly speechless even thinking about everything that happened last week in Nashville. I've never experienced anything like that in my life. I feel so much more focused now on what I need to do next in my business, how to be more productive, how to gain more clients, position myself as the right wedding photographer for potential brides, and so much more. I've gained priceless information and human experiences. I'm so grateful and so beyond blessed to have attended this magnificent business conference."


"Have you ever felt stuck in your business and like you're not getting where you want to be fast enough?! We never thought we'd attend a business conference when we started Savvy. We purchased tickets in fall of 2021 and this week we got to finally attend that conference in Nashville. Our week was jam packed with education and tons of community with like-minded entrepreneurs. We laughed, cried and our minds are blown. Not to mention we got to meet the incredible hosts of this conference who inspired us to start this business in the first place. We feel so blessed to be able to invest back into our business in this way. To be able to serve our clients better, to be able to serve our community better and to do what we do in the most impactful way possible. This week will go down as one of the most pivoting experiences in our business thus far and we can't wait to see what's next!"


Check out what past conference attendees are saying!

Why did you decide to put on The Conference?


After years of hosting intimate in person events, we’ve always dreamed of creating something bigger to help empower business owners in all they do while creating a space for community and a rockin’ good time. In the last 6+ years of entrepreneurship, we’ve learned that community is everything, because meeting your business besties who GET what you’re going through is life changing. Which is why we wanted to extend it to YOU! Consider this the PERFECT mix between business education, incredible mindset strategy, and a space to create lifelong friendships for you and your business.

When and where is this happening?


Dallas, Texas
October 10-12, 2023 

How long do the presale prices last?


We launch tickets on 10/17, and they are only available for a discount of 40% for that week. Sooo snag your ticket NOW because you'll never see prices this low again. (;

Who are the speakers?


We hand-selected some of the very BEST business speakers in the industry. We have not chosen our speaker lineup yet, but will be announcing in the months to come. So get stoked! 

Are the tickets refundable?


Tickets to The Heart Conference are non-refundable. If you purchase a ticket and are no longer able to attend, it is your responsibility to find someone else to purchase the ticket from you. If you sell your ticket please email us the new attendee's info at hello@theheartuniversity.com.

What’s the difference between VIP vs Gen Admin?


Click here to view the difference between VIP tickets and General Admission tickets.

What Covid-19 precautions will there be?


Our plan is to abide by the guidelines of the venue and the city of Nashville. At this time, masks are optional in Nashville, but we will evaluate COVID protocol closer to the event. We've postponed the conference twice due to the pandemic because we didn't feel that we could safely host an in-person event until now. You are welcome to wear a mask if that personally makes you feel more comfortable attending.

Is lodging/transportation/food included in the pricing?


No. A ticket to The Heart Conference only covers admission to the conference itself. The only exception to this is the VIP tickets that cover dinner the night of the 25th, and coffee and pastries each morning of the conference.

Is there a way I can find other attendees to room with?!


Absolutely! Come join our conference Facebook Page, and you can link up with LOTS of other party peeps!!!

Will the conference be live streamed if I can’t attend?


 As of right now, unfortunately no.

Are payment plans available?


Nope, payment plans are not available for this conference.

How many tickets are available?


300 total, 250 general admission, 50 VIP

Is this conference just for entrepreneurs?


The speakers' talks and content taught will be catered to small business owners of all stages of business. However, if you don’t have a business yet but are wanting to in the future, you’re absolutely still welcome and will get a TON out of the conference!

Can we purchase tickets for a friend or family member?


There is a limit of one ticket per transaction purely because we need each ticket to be associated with a specific name and email address for attendee email communication before the conference as well as admission into the conference. If you want to purchase a ticket for a friend you will need to purchase it separately from your own, putting in their name and email address when you do so.



this is your time!

It's time to sit and learn from some of the industry's BEST leaders in entrepreneurship, marketing, and business. Whether you've been in business for 6 months or 6 years, this conference will be so packed with value, community, and JOY that you'll leave more confident than ever before in this big, scary dream you have. We believe in you. Do you believe in yourself??

ready to create lasting impact for your business?